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Classic Glass

Water A-C507-40inch x 62inch -Thickness One eight inch
Stippolyte-C53-V- 52inch x 84inch-Thickness Five thirty-second inch
Restover-C51-59inch x 63inch-Thickness One eight inch
Polar-C72- 50inch x 63inch-Thickness Five thirty-second inches
Niagara Frost-C517-63inch x 84inch-Thickness Five thirty-second inch
Goethe Restoration-C52-63inch x 83inch-Thickness Five thirty-seconds inch
Glacier-GC35706-65inch x 85inch-Thickness Five thirty-second inches
Flame Frosted-C74-68inch x 80inch-Thickness Five thirty-second inches
Flame 5mm-C519-72inch x 84inch -Thickness Three Sixteenth inch
Fararo-C70-63inch x 84inch-Thickness Three & Half mm
Everglade-C570-52inch x 84inch-Thickness Five thirty-second inches
Digital-C580-52inch x 84inch-Thickness Five thirty-second inches
Diamond-5mm-C518-60inch x 80inch -Thickness Three sixteenth inch
Diamond-4mm-C514-60inch X 80inch -Thickness Five thirty-second inch
Cotswald-C8-52inch x 84inch-Thickness Five thirty-second inches
Contora -C575-52inch x 84inch-Thickness Five thirty-second inches
Bamboo-Z-C75-48inch x 60inch-Thickness Five thirty-second inches.Larger sizes available
Aero Frost-C55-63inch x 84inch-Thickness Five Thirty-second inch
Aero-C71-63inch x 84inch-Thickness Five thirty-second inches

Colored Glass Patterns

Dark Blue & White Opal-S337.6-Translucent Opals are approximately a 50-50 blend of cathedral color and white opal glass.
Dark Amber Waterglass-S111W-Dark Ambers are rich with a slightly red undertone, perfect for outdoor scenes.
Dark Amber Rough Rolled-S111RR
Crystal Opal Krinkle-S209K-24inch x 48inch-Thickness One eight inch-Crystal Opals offer a high degree of opacity- so that light cannot easily pass through.
Crystal Ice Iridized-S100GGI-24inch X 48inch-One eight inch Thick
Cobalt Blue Rough Rolled-S136RR
Cinnamon on Baroque-SBCIN
Cherry Red Waterglass-S151W-Waterglass is a natural surface texture created by stretching the hot glass sheet while it is still in a pliable state.
Cherry Red Rough Rolled-S151RR
Cherry Red Cathedral-S151
Champagne Baroque-SBCHAM
Burgundy Baroque-SBBURG
Brite Orange Waterglass-S171W
Black Waterglass-S1009W
Black Smooth Iridized-S1009I
Black on Streaky Baroque, Iridized-SB400I
Black Iridized Waterglass-S1009WI-Waterglass offers a gentle wavy texture and slightly narrower sheet.
Baroque Iridized - S100BI-24INCH X 48INCH- One eight inch Thick
Amethyst on Baroque-SBAMT
Amber, Green, White Opal-S621.7
Gray Baroque - SBGRAY

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